At Ariel Joudai, CPA, we hold ourselves to a high standard of honesty, integrity, and service that our clients truly appreciate. We value our clients and work hard to deliver the combination of accounting solutions and tax services each one needs to manage their finances efficiently.

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"Ariel has provided full accounting, bookkeeping and tax support services to us at Affinity Care Hospice.  We have come to rely on him for all our accounting needs - his experience, dependability, and ethics are exemplary.  It has been our pleasure to have had his services for a number of years - he has been a great asset to the growth of our company."

Samuel Stern, Affinity Care Hospice, LLC

"Ariel is a solid tax advisor, always available to answer our questions and walk us through the federal, state, and city tax landscapes. We feel fortunate to have been referred to Ariel, knowing that we have found a trusting accountant to depend on for the years to come."

Brian Mencher, Partner, Beame & Mencher LLP

"I joined Ariel after ending my business relationship with my two prior accountants. I needed somebody who is honest, responsive and most importantly, diligent.  I also needed guidance on how to run a newly established business for my wife. I had more questions than answers, and was confused as to what and how work should be done. I wanted to do taxes "right," but be tax “savvy” at the same time.

The amount of paperwork I have is mind boggling for both business and personal and Ariel did an exceptional job in organizing everything. While reviewing my paperwork, he right away steered me in the right direction as to the type of company that should be set up, and provided me with several tax advantageous business strategies as well.  Ariel proved to be an accurate and reliable accountant. He is always responsive to my “what if questions”, and I am looking forward to working with him for many years to come."

Oleg Bobrysh, Manager, Alla Zlotina OD PC

"Ariel is the consummate professional! His devotion and concern exhibited towards his clients go far beyond that of professionalism. He is quick to respond to a client’s inquiry and extremely adept in the rules, codes and regulations at which a client needs to rely to comply. Ariel allows a comfort and peace of mind that cannot be found elsewhere. His devotion towards his craft and clients is not only to be admired, but is the standard by which all others in his profession should follow."

Ian Girshek, Esq

"I am writing this letter as a form of gratitude for outstanding service. With great appreciation I recognize your expertise as a dedicated accountant. You have a great understanding in your ?eld and a conscientious attitude. For all the times you went above and beyond for me, I want to thank you. You have gained my loyalty as a client."

Ralph Arpaio, Owner of A-Class Construction, LLC

"Ariel has been the accountant for my small business for years now. He is truly one of the best. He provides a high quality service and always gives great advice to help me better run my operations."

Anthony Passalacqua, Owner of Shootin' School Inc.